Cruise America RV Rental and Sales in NJ

Cruise America RV Rental & SalesHistory of Cruise America

Founded nearly half a century ago, Cruise America is now the country’s largest RV rental company and boasts 132 locations in both the U.S. and Canada. Started by Robert Smalley, Sr., their family-oriented business is currently run by his sons, who happen to be the fourth generation of their family to enter the vehicle rental business. Their great grandfather, Frank Couture, rented cars in southern Florida during the 1920s. Although Cruise America’s family roots are strong, they believe in the power of employees having a stake in their business.  As a result, they are an employee-owned company.

After honing his craft with other car rental companies including a stint as president of Hertz, Robert Smalley, Sr. decided to focus on the motorhome rental market. Over more than four and a half decades, Cruise America’s fleet has expanded to over 4,500 rental vehicles. For those looking for more of a long-term option, Cruise America also offers vehicles for purchase.

Our Mission

Cruise America believes in bringing the comforts of home along with you on the road. Renting a recreational vehicle means families can travel in style while they enjoy the benefits of seeing America in an up close and personal way. We want you to enjoy both your destination and the journey you make to get there.

We make it easy for any family to enjoy the RV lifestyle by encouraging them to try different size motorhomes to figure out which one fits their needs. As soon as you make your decision, you are free to keep renting, or you can take advantage of our sales program. For those looking to buy a motorhome, we offer well-conditioned used RVs at deep discounts from other used RV sellers.

If you’re looking for a small camper or a large travel trailer, Cruise America has the best rental and sales deals on the market.  Because of our affiliation with EconoCar Club of New Jersey, we now offer our services in additional locations.

We encourage you to find the Cruise America location near you to test drive one of our recreational vehicles and take advantage of the many discounts we offer on our well-maintained fleet.

RV Rental Network

Cruise America is always looking to grow its network of RV dealerships throughout the country. For this reason, we make it easy for established businesses to expand into the recreational vehicle market. By adding RV rentals to your portfolio, you can increase your profits while participating in one of America’s fastest growing service industries. We pay a commission on rental revenue you collect in addition to a commission incentive on any rental business you produce.

We do the heavy lifting by providing the RVs and the marketing and support systems. The only added expenses are monthly telephone and computer system fees. In other words, there is no capital investment for those wishing to join us. Since Cruise America is the most well-known name in the RV business, you have a head start on the competition right from the beginning.

If you are looking to generate higher profits while expanding the RV rental business in your area, a Cruise America dealership may be just the right opportunity for you.

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